Saturday, September 08, 2012

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris
Urban Fantasy
Sookie Stackhouse, small-town barmaid, is in the midst of trouble again.  Sam's bar Merlotte's is fire-bombed and although the police think it is because of a back-lash against shifters, Sookie is not so sure.

Eric, her vampire boyfriend, comes running to help because of their blood bond.  Sookie is very uneasy about this blood bond and asks Amelia, a witch, to help her break the bond.

In the meantime, Dermot and Claude, Sookie's fairy kin help her to clean out the attic.  Sam suggests an antique dealer who can help her sell the unwanted furniture.  While the dealer is inspecting the pieces he finds a secret drawer which reveals a velvet pouch with a cluviel dor, a fairy talisman.   

Lots of action and trouble in this book.  I have not felt right about Eric for the last several books and this just keeps proving me right.  Eric is not the man for Sookie.  Also can Sookie not even pick friends right.  What is it with Amelia and her actions?  Does this mean if a girl always picks the 'bad' guy she also picks 'bad' friends?

First Line: "The attic had been kept locked until the day after my grandmother died"

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