Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Fifth Witness

The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly
Times are tough for Mickey Haller.  He has branched into foreclosures.  One of his clients, Lisa Trammel is undergoing a foreclosure of her house by Westland Financial Bank.  She has gone so far as to protest and has been served a restraining order by the bank.

When Mitchell Bondurant, the head of the mortgage department, is killed Lisa becomes the main suspect and she calls on Haller to defend her.  Haller does what he does best and puts up smoke screens and major doubt.  He finds out that Bonurant also had some financial difficulties and that sets into motion the defense.

This is full of court procedures.  Haller seems to be able to use the system to show almost anything, true or not.  Connelly had me going in this one.  First she is guilty and then she isn't and then????  This book did show me that no one would want to get involved as witness or other because you could be destroyed in the process; guilty or not.  I loved the twist at the end

First Line: "Mrs. Pena looked across the seat at me and held her hands up in a beseeching manner."

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