Friday, August 30, 2013

One Hundred Million Hearts

One Hundred Million Hearts by Kerri Sakamoto

Miyo is a young Japanese Canadian who has been cared for by her distant but devoted father. She was born to a Hiroshima survivor who dies prematurely. Miyo has a disfigurement and relies on her father even for rides to work. One day when he is unable to give her a ride she travels by subway, only to be caught in the closing doors. A man rescues her and they fall in love and eventually move in together.

Miyo grows increasingly distant from her father and he fades until she receives the sad news of his death. She starts to find out more about her father and his past. His girlfriend is really his wife and she has a step-sister (Hana) who was raised in Japan. Miyo decides to travel to Japan to meet Hana. Hana is resentful of her treatment and very very strange. Miyo also finds out her father is considered one of the shameful ones for being a kamikazi pilot and not following through.

The premise of this book is indeed an interesting one and I truly wanted to love it but it was too strange for me. There was a lot of running around to no purpose, a lot of teeth-gnashing and just weirdness

First Line: "During the war my father learned to shoot a rifle, lunge with his bayonet and march the perimeter of Okayama Second Middle School, knees high and arms swinging."


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