Monday, August 26, 2013

The Eskimo Hunts in Miami

The Eskimo Hunts in Miami by Stefan Kanfer

Jordan Gulok is now in Miami.  Jordan is an Inuit but not just any Eskimo.  He is ex-SEAL and has a direct line to the Admiral.  He is a special force all on his own.  Just what is happening down in Miami?

Jordan starts off in a indoor gun range.  After wowing the management he gets an offer to teach at the facility.  He starts to notice some anomalies like the street address and the number on the curb being different.  The number 417 continues to pop up in all sorts of strange places.
As Jordan starts to look into these things people start to die as if due to a voodoo rite.

Jordan goes to a popular Haitian nightclub and talks to the beautiful singer with the silver tongue who explains how all the voodoo symbols are 'wrong'   What is this 417 and how can he find out what is means?  Eventually Jordan finds out that 417 refers to when Castro took over Cuba and there are plans afoot to take it back.  The big brass want proof and Jordan can not furnish that and now must stop them all on his own.

Jordan is a loner and the reader can not help but feel sorry his romantic plans will never pan out.  I loved the story and am now off to the Twin Cities.

First Line: "The place had opened in November"


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