Friday, August 09, 2013

The Night Circus

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Genre of book

The Night circus is a circus that operates in the night only.  It steals into a town unannounced and sets up.  It has fantastic tents full of all the unimaginable. 

Celia Bowen's father is Prospero, a world famous magician whose secret is that his show is genuine magic - not illusions. He teaches Celia to manipulate the world in the same way.  His training borders on the abuse so that he can make her the best and so that she can compete in a high-stakes game against Marco, an orphan similarly trained by her father's nemesis.  This is a high stakes bet with these two at stake for their lives.

They create ever-increasingly more wonderful tents for the circus and end up falling in love.  In a high stakes game such as theirs this does not bode well for their future together.

I found the descriptions of the tents to be full of life and character but the story stopped there for me.  Both Celia and Marco were as flat and boring characters as I have ever read.  They were stuck in self-absorbed mode and I personally think their love just wasn't there. 

I found the story very very slow and really didn't even appreciate the side stories.  

First Line: "The Circus arrives without warning"


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