Friday, August 02, 2013

The Red Queen

The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory
Historical Fiction

This is the story of Margaret Beaufort who was on the Lancaster side of the War of the Roses. This complements the first in the series, The White Queen and as such this is what makes this story somewhat interesting.

Margaret is married at age twelve to a Welsh lord just so that he may have an heir and she may produce a possible heir to the throne which she does. Margaret is a religious zealot who believes herself to be on a mission similar to Joan of Arc.

Margaret is widowed at an early age and infiltrates the York side in order to undermine the king and his heirs and to ensure that her son, Henry of Tudor gains his rightful place on the throne. This time she has picked a man who self-interest is in preservation of his own skin and although he treats her well tends to thwart her attempts. Her next husband is not so wise a choice.

Margaret is a hateful pious character and with the exception of the 'other' side being brought to light, this story would be a miss for me.

First Line: "The light of the open sky is brilliant after the darkness of the inner rooms."


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