Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Duke and I

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

This is a romance set in the Regency period.  Mama Bridgerton is on the lookout for a husband for Daphne.  At the same time Simon, Lord Hasting has returned to the London scene as the most eligible bachelor.  All mamas with unwed daughters are practically throwing them at him.

Daphne and Simon decide to become an 'item' so that Simon is not quite as available to all the mamas and Daphne appears to be more appealing to all the young men. And it works, too well.  This couple is perfect for each other and further the attraction is there.

When found alone and in a somewhat compromising position Anthony, Daphne's brother and Simon's good friend demands a duel.  Daphne stops the duel by demanding marriage even though she knows the Duke will not have any children.

Daphne is a strong character even though she appears to be such a wimp to start off with.  She shows Simon, the hard-harded, flawed hunk the errors of his ways and all is right in the romance world.  I enjoyed the story and some of the humourous parts

First Line: "The birth of Simon Arthus Henry Fitzranulph Basset, Earl Clyvedon, was met with great celebration"


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