Friday, August 09, 2013

State of Wonder

State of Wonder by Ann Patchett
Fiction/ Literature

Dr. Annick Swenson, who is studying the indigenous Lakashi and their ability to conceive children at any age has been very lax in sending her progress reports into head office.  Anders Eckman is sent to the reclusive Swenson and word is sent back that he has died.  Marina is sent by her boss and lover, Jim Fox, to both discover the exact cause of Eckman's death and oversee the progress of brilliant Dr. Annick Swanson

What Marina goes through to to get to see Swenson and then to follow up on what is going on in the rainforest is miracluous. 

This book was not a state of wonder for me.  It was just too much!  Impossible scenearios abound!  I love Patchett's other books but somehow just didn't connect with the characters or the story.  I did not see any of the twists and they were different but at the time I think I was out of the imagination required to keep the story going.



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