Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Jennifer Government

Jennifer Government by Max Barry
Sci-Fi Mystery

This book is part sci-fi,part mystery and all satire. Max Barry has created a world that is really out there. An Nike marketing exec decides to kill 14 teenagers to promote his product. What results is a world gone mad. A fun read!!
Favourite Character: Jennifer Government. Persistence is her middle name
Least Liked Character: John Nike. What an amoral disgusting man. Unfortunately if this world existed a man like this would probably exist also
Favourite Part of the Book: I really enjoyed Buy Mitsui and his involvement with Kate
Least Favourite Part of the Book: I don't feel Violet got what she deserved
What was Missing: Not much. Max Barry created a future I want no part of




Bonnie Jeanne said...

It's been a while since I read it, but what I remember was the mother leaving her child with a stranger. That bit of unbelievable spoiled the rest of the book for me. I keep meaning to pick it up again and re-read it because it does get excellent reviews. The BC journal entry on my copy has some of those glowing reviews.

Dana said...

That leaving of her child with an essential stranger was different.I figured out that that is what one in that society would do. I was also dismayed by the materialistic world.

I liked the satire

Loved reading your JEs Zmrzlina. Thanks for sharing