Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ask Again Later

Ask Again Later by Jill A. Davis

Ask Again Later is a light-hearted funny book. The book centres on Emily and how drastically her life changes when her neurotic mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. Emily re-connects with her father, leaves her perfect boyfriend, and completely changes her career path. Although the problems are kept very tension-free in the book, Davis manages to convey Emily's neuroses very well. This book is perfect for a quiet Sunday afternoon read
Favourite Character: Emily. She really does try to help herself and everyone around her.
Least Favourite Character: Marjorie. Emily's sister,who really does not care for either her mother or father. Selfish bitch is the term for her
Best Part of the book: The end of course. Isn't it always
Least Favourite Part of the Book: Marjorie's pregnancy and birth. Although parts of that were funny when Emily went over to visit
What was missing: Any depth. Emily helps her mother get through her cancer treatments by playing games and watching TV



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