Thursday, December 21, 2006

McNally's Luck

McNally's Luck by Lawrence Sanders

This sequel was ever bit as funny and readable as the first book. I really enjoy Archy McNally. His irreverence and eccentricity just makes each page turnable. Archy is a son of a prominent Palm Beach lawyer. His job is to handle discrete investigations. He is to find a pampered cat. Then the bodies start piling up. A cozy mystery well worth the read
Favourite Character: Archy McNally. I love this rich playboy turned detective
Least Favourite Character: all the rich B****'s . The females seem to be flawed. Every single one of them
Best Part of the Book: When Archy and the police figure out how the bad guys will pay
Least Favourite Part of the book: What Archy buys for Consuela because he has been inattentive. Kick him to the curb, baby
What was missing: nothing



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