Monday, December 18, 2006

Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oates

Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oates

This book was a nice story of the loss of a family member and how those "left behind" cope with the changes. However, there were parts of the book I found really annoying. Obviously, Clare was annoying (she was ment to be so), but really, there were a couple of times when Nikki should have put her in her place. There is only so much she should have allowed herself to be pushed around.
I also had some issues with Oates' writing styles. Some of it was very repetitive. She used "Damned if I..." so many times through the book that it completely lost any sense of meaning for me. There were a couple other cliches she used that after a while were annoying to read about.
I have another of Oates' books. I'm interested in reading if she uses similar phrases in her other books, and if some of her descriptions are the same.



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