Monday, December 04, 2006

Missing Mom

Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oates

What an interesting book!. I have lost my Mom this year and some of the passages were so poignant. The process of thinking through and finding out about one's parents happens at any time but especially after their death. Nikki misses her Mom's special touches; from baking bread to visiting. I liked the way Oates had Nikki 'grow up' throughout the book
Favourite Character: Nikki. She grew up and became someone I would like to get to know. She handled the situation very well
Least Favourite Character: Clare. She is self-absorbed, selfish and of no help
Best Part of the Book: When Nikki discovers love
Least Favourite Part of the Book: The death of Gwen Eaton. It was just so sad.
What was Missing: I can think of nothing. This was an extremely well-written book



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Anonymous said...

I'm happy to know of this book - I know someone who might benefit from the read. Thank you!